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Proofpoint Email Security

Manage your Email Quarantine

When suspect emails have been quarantined users receive a daily Quarantine Digest email from Proofpoint with the subject line “Slingshot Email Security- Quarantine Digest.” Proofpoint users must review these messages to manage email and release legitimate emails classified as SPAM. Options in the Action Column include:

  • Release

  • Release & Approve (adds the sender to your safe list)

  • Block

No action is required for mail that is properly detected as SPAM.

You can access your Proofpoint account web portal and see all quarantined messages. In your daily Proofpoint Quarantine Digest click the "Sign into your account" link or You can browse directly to the Proofpoint login page at

Log in to Proofpoint with your email address and Proofpoint password that you were assigned when the account was originally set up. You received a "Welcome email", but if you don't have that password, let us know and we can reset it for you.

In the status "drop-down" select the emails you wish to review. FYI - by default they only list 10 entries but you can click the "Show" drop-down and increase it to 100 to make viewing easier.

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