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Microsoft Broke My Computer

Microsoft recently released a "feature update" that updated Windows 10 to version 1803 which added a bunch of new features, as well as, stronger security. In our case this resulted in a Slingshot Help Desk call from one of our clients who could no longer access features on one of their line of business applications. Turns out that better security was so secure that Windows 10 was now blocking legitimate access to features in a design program.

The fix for our IT Tech was easy enough, he quickly rolled back the service patch to resolve IT issues caused by the update. The vendor is working on an adjustment to their application to allow it to play nice with the new version of Windows 10. Until they do our technical support team has "Paused" Microsoft Updates to prevent the PC's in question from re-installing the security patch and feature update.

If you have an issue with temporary incompatibility between third party vendor software and Microsoft Products you can pause updates to postpone automatic updates until the issue is resolved. You should note that doing so should only be viewed as a temporary technical solution as the updates are distributed to assure your PC is protected from cyber criminals. Without updates your system can be exposed to hacking.

1. Right-click the Start button then select Settings, Update & Security. 2. Select Advanced Options. 3. Under Pause Updates click the On Button

Screen Shot Windows 10 Advanced Options - Pause Updates

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