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Multi-Layered Security Services incorporate Hardened Firewalls, End Point Detection and Response, Anti-Virus & Malware Protection, Web Filtering, and Enhanced Email Security Filtering for SPAM, Dangerous Hyper Links, Attachments, and Cyber Phishing Detection Solutions, with ongoing employee training.

Remote Monitoring & Management: Service
SonicWall TZ Series Firewall Applince

Web Filtering

Block Access to Dangerous Websites and Hyperlinks
Manage Web Access by Category

Web Filtering works by checking a website's reputation before allowing user access.  Behind the scenes, an enormous and dynamic database records and categorizes website and their world wide web reputation. When users attempt to access a site or hyperlink marked as Risky or Suspicious they are blocked. 

Additional options allow blocking web sites by category:

  • Legal Liability

  • Productivity Loss

  • Bandwidth Control

  • Questionable / Legal Issues

  • Human Resource Issues

  • Travel & Shopping

  • Media Streaming

  • Social Media

Proofpoint Email Security Filtering

Email Security

Email Filtering blocks SPAM, Virus / Trojan Attachments, and Malicious Hyperlinks

Our Proofpoint Email Security Filtering service routes email traffic through encrypted channels to servers that examine each message and filter for SPAM, malicious attachments, dangerous hyperlinks, phishing attacks, and social engineering. Once the message is certified as safe it is sent on it's way to the organization's email server.  Should it prove to be dangerous it's routed to quarantine or immediately deleted. This entire process takes place in 

Malicious email is among the most serious threats to network security that any organization faces.

  • Ransomware - socially engineered messages containing malicious attachment can encrypt and hold for ransom a company's entire data network.

  • Phishing and Spear Phishing attacks leverage social engineering and co-opted email accounts to lull users into clicking dangerous links or opening virus carrying attachments.

  • SPAM clogs mailboxes, wastes user time, cause legitimate email to be mistakenly deleted, and can lead recipients to dangerous sites. 

  • Network Congestion - high volume SPAM traffic can crash mail servers

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Sentinel Endpoint Detection and Response Malware Security

Sentinel's multiple Artificial Intelligence algorithms protect against the widest array of threat vectors. Dependency on connectivity, cloud latency, and human intervention limitations are eliminated. On-device AI prevents known and unknown threats in real-time.

Our Enterprise EDR is a managed solution where our team of IT Professionals installs, maintains, and monitors the application. 

Devices self defend and heal themselves by stopping processes, quarantining, remediating, and even rolling back events to surgically keep endpoints in a perpetually clean state. 

Prevent Cyber-Attacks

  • Near real-time file analysis: The system analyzes files continuously, replacing time-intensive recurring scans.

  • Signature-less approach: Fight back against the latest threats without having to wait for daily definition updates.

  • Offline protection: Artificial intelligence data is stored on the endpoint to keep it protected while offline—and to help you avoid waiting for signature updates, or waiting for the endpoint to connect to the cloud to check against reputation scores.

  • Machine learning: The system uses machine learning to determine how to best respond to threats and adjust those responses over time.

  • Autonomous action: Leverage policy-based endpoint protection to neutralize threats at the endpoint automatically.

Detect Threats

  • Behavioral artificial intelligence engines: Eight AI engines that analyze multiple data points to identify threats and determine if a response is necessary.

  • Near real-time alerts: Discover threat activity quickly with alerts whenever a threat is detected or neutralized.

Respond Effectively through Automation

  • Custom policies: Policy-driven protection is tailored to each client:  Allow or Block USB, Allow or Block endpoint traffic, and specify the best-automated response.

  • Multiple recovery options: System Administrators choose the preferred recovery option after attacks—from partial recoveries to fully-automated responses.

  • Enhanced quarantine: Administrators can activate the “Disconnect from Network” option to prevent machines from further infecting the network.

  • Automatic rollback: Attacks are automatically contained and neutralized, and compromised files are automatically replaced by the last known healthy version (Windows OS only).


Firewalls Inspect Data Traffic to Identify and Block Threats

A well configured or hardened firewall stands between your private business network and the Internet.  Think of it as a bouncer checking ID's at the door to your IT Network.  Only acceptable traffic is allowed in or out. If the data cannot be determined to be safe and appropriate then it's blocked. 

By scanning all incoming and outbound data traffic the firewall stops malware, and unauthorized intrusions from reaching your secured business network. Firewall monitoring, malware and ransomware protection, point to point VPN, remote user VPN applications and more assure the right people are able to access what they need from wherever they are.

  • Patented Reassembly-Free Deep Packet Inspection (RFDPI) technology

  • Consolidated threat prevention: Cloud-based multi-engine sandboxing, anti-malware, intrusion prevention, web filtering and more

  • Gigabit Ethernet ports

  • SSL, TLS and SSH decryption and inspection

  • Native SSL VPN secure remote access

  • Integrated 802.11ac wireless (optional)

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