A comprehensive suite of applications that monitor and protect your network



24/7 Proactive Network Monitoring

From our Rockport office, we  monitor and manage hundreds of desktops, laptops, mobile devices and network servers using our Slingshot RMM Dashboard that displays real-time status.

RMM is an acronym for Remote Monitoring & Management.

Technicians are alerted to issues that can be mitigated before they impact user productivity.  Alert situations such as offline servers, failed backups, Internet connectivity and virus activity are broadcast to support personal via the dashboard, email and texts.


Optimize Programs and Operating Systems

Fully automated patch management protects your network performance and security with the latest patches and service packs for all major software vendors from Adobe, Google Chrome, Firefox, iTunes and Java to Office, SQL Server, Skype, WinZip and Windows.

Properly patched software is key to prevention of cyber-attacks and to optimize system performance


After Hours Maintenance

Temporary Files clean-up, disk defragmentation, custom scripts, scheduled restarts, file transfers, and automated responses to error detections are all part of our system that takes care of business after-hours without interfering with users during their productive hours.


Centrally Monitored BitDefender Antivirus Protection

Slingshot Antivirus protects your IT Network, desktops, laptops and servers from known and emerging malware. The BitDefender application uses continuously updated, signature-based protection to identify recognized viruses and Trojans.  

In addition, complex heuristic examinations and behavioral scanning defend against new viruses. If a file acts like a threat, even if it is in a new form, the system blocks, quarantines or deletes it.

When an external data source like a flash drive is connected to your PC, our system scans it before allowing user access.

Because it’s managed antivirus protection we’re always in the background monitoring your network.  Our dashboard alerts our techs to infections, scanning and definition status. If a scan is missed, fails or the definitions go out of date, we’re alerted and address the situation before it becomes a problem.

Antivirus protection is customized for your needs.  Some known-safe programs are slowed down by unnecessary malware scanning. We designate those applications and processes as “safe” to exempt them from scans that might slow your computer down.

We also schedule deep scans for after-hours to allow thorough scanning without dragging your computer down during the busy part of your day.

During application installations we can snooze antivirus to assure a good install without antivirus interference that can occur when new software is installed.

Managed Antivirus provides multiple levels of protection, is fully monitored and customized to best protect your network.


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