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IT Help Desk Solutions

Slingshot IT HelpDesk ensures that computer and networking technical answers and solutions are just a click or call away.  Stop wasting time and energy struggling with software and hardware issues outside your expertise. Let our trained techs keep your business and staff working while we take care of your computer network and software application troubleshooting.  Chances are that we’ve already handled the problem you’re facing and have a documented fix in our extensive solutions database. Let us be your helpdesk solution.


  • Our small business clients call for fast tech support or click the Slingshot Life-Ring in their desktop taskbar to generate a support request, send a screen shot or access our client web portal.

  • The Client Web Portal gives authorized users access to create a new support request,  view open tickets and search tickets.

  • The Client Portal also includes a knowledge-base customized with relevant setup instructions, quick fixes, and common troubleshooting steps for your business.

  • The Life-Ring also provides quick access to the Microsoft Office 365 Portal and Sendinc Secure email.

Experienced, Expert Tech Support

  • HelpDesk support is what we do all day long so we have likely already seen and resolved computer problems that your company is suffering.

  • Our extensive, internal database of issues and resolutions documents symptoms and fixes for hundreds of Information Technology issues.

  • We monitor numerous network security websites, forums and technical support blogs to keep abreast of the latest issues and resolutions.

  • Certifications and ongoing training allow us to troubleshoot and solve many problems within a few minutes.

Automated Fixes

Our library of automated fixes, utilities and scripts address:

  • Malware Infections

  • Performance issues

  • Network connectivity

  • Disk Space

  • Corrupt Applications

  • Failed Uninstalls

  • Broken Windows features

  • Registry Fixes

  • Firewall Repair

  • Windows Update Repair

  • System File Checker

  • Time Zone Settings

Slingshot's Remote Monitoring and Management system support fast remote access to user's computer desktops to assist.

HelpDesk Rescue Utilities
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