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3 Reasons You Need a Password Manager

Updated: Oct 3, 2023

Woman thinking of a new password
Got Passwords?

1. Complex passwords become easy. Although simple passwords are effortless to remember, they are also easy to hack. Password managers generate and manage very strong, complex passwords and remember and keep them easily available to only you.

2. Unique passwords compartmentalize exposure. Major organizations are breached daily, and cyber criminals steal customer data. If you lost the one key that unlocked your car, your house, your mom’s house, your bike, your safe deposit box, and your mailbox, all those belongings would be at risk. The same goes for your passwords. When you reuse the same simple-to-remember password, stealing that credential exposes all the accounts it secures. Password managers let you easily create and administer unique passwords for each account and, in doing so, protect access to your secured sites and applications.

3. Save time – no more forgotten password resets. It probably takes five minutes every time you reset a forgotten credential. For people who share credentials with other users, each reset requires notification of those shared users, or the routine back-and-forth battle ensues as each user repeatedly resets whenever they need access.

safe deposit key
Lock it Down

A good password manager lets you access your passwords on your desktop, laptop, or mobile device. When you open a website, the password application recognizes the URL and pastes in your username and password.

Password managers encrypt and store your passwords in the cloud, where they are available to you wherever, whenever, and on whichever device you need them. One strong password to remember, combined with Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA), secures your valuable credential data.

The transition to good password management requires effort on your part. Think of it as a short-term inconvenience for long-term ease of use. Every Slingshot client who has made the move to a password manager becomes an advocate for the system. Password managers simplify your life and, more importantly, lock down access to your data, credit cards, websites, banking applications, and more.

We use 1Password, and our familiarity with that application makes it a favorite for us. There are numerous high-ranking products available, and many are free. Try out 1Password, Keeper, Dashlane, LogmeOnce, or one of many others you can find by searching "password manager" on the web.

Contact Slingshot today if you need help to up your security with an encrypted password manager.


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