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Why Is Google Sending My Mail to Junk? Tips to Avoid Having Your Emails Marked as Spam

Updated: Feb 22


Without DNS Updates, Google Will Send Your Emails to Spam Folders

Images of Google and Yahoo! signage.

Google and  Yahoo have made significant changes to their email authentication requirements. These updates enhance email security and combat spam but can redirect improperly configured emails to the spam folder.

All organizations that send emails must implement improved email authentication configurations to ensure the deliverability of their outbound messages. Otherwise email will go to Junk.

Email Authentication Changes

  • Effective February 2024, Google and Yahoo have implemented new guidelines for email senders.

  • These requirements impact all senders, not just high-volume ones.

  • Senders must implement specific DNS (Domain Name Services) authentication protocols:

    • SPF (Sender Policy Framework)

    • DKIM (DomainKeys Identified Mail)

    • DMARC (Domain-based Message Authentication, Reporting, and Conformance).

  • Additionally, user-friendly practices like one-click unsubscribe links are encouraged.


Google and Yahoo are ensuring that email communication remains secure and reliable. Adopting these changes and implementing the necessary authentication measures is crucial to successful email deliverability. Be assured that most email hosts will quickly adopt these strict authentication requirements.

Slingshot Information Systems has deployed these enhanced DNS authentication measures for many clients to prevent important messages from being sent to Junk or blocked. Organizations that don’t address the new requirements will see the percentage of undelivered emails skyrocket.

We can quickly and painlessly implement these changes for your business in a few minutes. Contact Slingshot today for your free 30-minute online business IT needs review.

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